Protecting and Preserving Black Lake and the Surrounding Watershed

Black Lake Association Members Gain New Lake Knowledge

February 20, 2019

Two members of the Black Lake Association, Director Dave Turzewski and member at large Dominic Bragg are presently taking the Michigan State University Extension class entitled, Introduction to Lakes. It is designed for lakefront property owners, lake users, local government officials, managers and educators. They are studying lake ecology, watersheds, shorelines, Michigan water law, and aquatic plant management. This knowledge will certainly be beneficial for our beautiful Black Lake.

Dominic Bragg and Director Ron Dulak will also be attending the Shoreline and Shallows Conference: Impacts of Waves on Shorelines held at Michigan State University in March. They will be focusing on high-energy waves impact on shorelines, lake levels, native plants along shorelines, and fish responses. The information they bring back to our lake should be very useful to Black Lake property owners.