Protecting and Preserving Black Lake and the Surrounding Watershed

Invasive Species Study and Treatment Scheduled

June 2017

Huron Pines is scheduled to survey Black Lake in late June and early July to develop an inventory of aquatic invasive species. Jennifer Muladore, Huron Pines ecologist, explained the process. Following a preliminary survey to locate high-risk areas, the survey team will search the shoreline and near shore for invasive plants including phragmites, frogbit, and Eurasian milfoil, among others. The team will also watch for invasive mussels and crawfish. The resulting deliverables will be a map of all invasive species found and recommendations for future control and prevention.

The Black Lake Association contracted with Huron Pines to treat an area of phragmites in 2015, and that location will be monitored for additional treatment in the fall if needed. Following a discussion with the members at several meetings in the Fall 2016, the Black Lake Association Board of Directors contracted with Huron Pines to conduct the inventory to promote early detection and rapid response to control the spread of invasive species.

For more detailed information, see the Spring 2017 Black Lake Newsletter.