Protecting and Preserving Black Lake and the Surrounding Watershed

Black Lake Invasive Phragmites Treated

The invasive phragmites discovered during the 2014 Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council weed survey of Black Lake was treated today (9/24/2015) by Huron Pines. Huron Pines has permits and landowner permission for this treatment. The two patches are located on the North shore of the lake measuring 13’ x 5’ and 175’ X 5’. The phragmites was treated with herbicide which is absorbed by the plant and goes into the root system destroying the plant. Huron Pines will continue to monitor these patches and retreat, if necessary, to insure eradication. The cost of this treatment to the Black Lake Association is $100.00.

The Black Lake Association thanks Ken Reed and Leigton King of Huron Pines for their effort in treating phragmites on Black Lake and other locations in Michigan.