Protecting and Preserving Black Lake and the Surrounding Watershed

2016 Fish Stocking

The Black Lake Association formed a fish committee in 2008.  Its purpose was to provide a natural and /or supportive environment to increase the Black Lake walleye population while working with the DNR, universities and other organizations.  The ultimate goal was to establish Black Lake as a desirable walleye fishing destination.

Fish Stocking

Since 2008, the Black Lake Association has stocked over 38,000, 5 to 7 inch fall fingerlings, while the DNR has stocked over 700,000, 1 to 2 inch spring fingerlings. We then waited for two years to see if our combined plantings would yield natural walleye reproduction. This year when the DNR did their electro-shocking survey it showed very little natural reproduction.

During this time, the Black lake Association held several fund raisers and received donations from local anglers to purchase additional fall fingerlings. We are now happy to announce that on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 we stocked approximately 10,000 more, 6 to 8 inch walleye in Black Lake.  Hopefully, these fish will grow and provide some natural reproduction to improve the Black Lake Fishery. 


The DNR has stocked Black Lake with 1.5 inch fingerling Walleye over the past two weeks, we have a count of 177,000, then more were put in at the state park. Once we have a total figure I will post. Yes the north end receive some of these fingerlings, put in at Zolner rd.