Protecting and Preserving Black Lake and the Surrounding Watershed

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Posted on July 1st, 2024

Septic Regulations and Maintenance

The June 10, 2024 program was a presentation from Tip of the Mitt on changing septic regulations, maintaining your septic system for best performance and to prevent leakage harmful to the lake and groundwater, and resources available to assist you.  Here’s the complete presentation, Septic Systems:  A Threat to our Waters.

Posted on April 30th, 2024

Results of 2023 MSU Extension Aquatic Plants and Macroalgae Survey

Good news!  We recently received the following report from MSU Extension that is a summary of results of a survey conducted from August 2022 through August 2023 of the aquatic macrophytes (aquatic plants and macroalgae) in Black Lake. Of the 32 species identified,  NO aquatic invasive species were detected!  That’s not just good news; that’s great news!  Now, we need to keep up the good work:  remember to clean, drain, and dry your boats, trailers, and all equipment that comes in contact with the water.  Here’s the complete report.